Crossroads Counseling Telemedicine Platform

Terms of Service

By signing into this platform you agree to the following statements:

  1. I am consenting to receive services from Crossroads Counseling via telehealth. 
  2. The patient is both present and in the state of Oklahoma for this appointment.
  3. I will treat this appointment as I would an in-office appointment and be ready to focus on just this appointment in a private space, such as my home or office for the duration of my appointment.
  4. If I have trouble connecting, I will not delay in contacting the office via text at 918-270-4100 for tech support. I understand that failing to do so will result in my appointment being marked as a no call, no show and will be charged a fee. 
  5. I will not be on driving or in a moving vehicle at the time of this appointment.

I understand that Crossroads Counseling is not a crisis center. If I am in crisis I will call 911 immediately. 

I agree to the terms of service